Upgraded Aircraft, Helicopters Inducted Into Pak Navy Fleet

Upgraded Aircraft, Helicopters Inducted Into Pak Navy Fleet.

On Dec 12, the Pakistan Navy inducted its first marinised and upgraded ATR aircraft, state of the art Simulator of Z9EC Anti-Submarine Warfare helicopter and Sea King Helicopters inits fleet to augment the effectiveness and enhance its operational capability.The first marinised ATR aircraft, a modern and widely operated turboprop platform, has been retrofitted with state of the art weapons and sensors, which will substantially enhance Fleet Air Arm’s operational capability commensurate with contemporary Maritime Warfare requirements. Whereas, induction of the two Mk 3A/Mk 4 Sea King helicopters acquired from the UK into the existing fleet of Sea King helicopters will further enhance Pakistan Navy fleet operational capability particularly to troops transfer. TheNews

One helicopter is purpose built for the Search and Rescue missions at sea and the other aircraft is optimized for the troops-carrying role. In order to ensure quality training of aircrew, the Pakistan Navy has also inducted a state of the art Simulator of Z9EC Anti- Submarine Warfare helicopter to train its aircrew. This simulator will enable aircrew to acquire training for anti-submarine and emergency handling in a cost effective manner without endangering life and equipment. Pakistan Observer

An impressive ceremony was held at PNS Mehran. Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Zafar Mahmood, was the chief guest. Dawn

Speaking on the occasion, the Admiral Abbasi said, “in addition to the traditional roles, the Pakistan Navy is also confronted with the emerging challenges of deterring terrorism at sea, curbing piracy in the region and carrying out maritime security operations.” He emphasized that we should also be cognisant of threats posed by the hybrid warfare and cyber crime. He said, “Pakistan Navy is aware of these challenges and induction of these modern platforms will augment the force’s operational capabilities manifold to more effectively face these challenges, achieve national objectives, honor international obligations and safeguard our vital maritime interests.” The ExpressTribune

Aviation is an essential factor of the fleet for the all envisaged tasks. The addition of marinised and upgraded ATR aircraft and the Sea King helicopters to the Pakistan Navy aviation fleet is a leap forward in accelerating the operational capabilities of the Naval Air Arm.


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