Based on the concept and aim, following objectives have been worked out for Maritime Study Forum:

  1. MSF aims to bridge gap between idea and action and generate studies and policy perspective to bridge the gap between awareness, opportunities, the human resource and help in establishing a pragmatic “Pakistan Maritime Policy”.
  2. MSF views Pakistan as a maritime nation whose role in Asia-Pacific maritime affairs is critical for regional stability and security. Therefore, we aspire to use our platform for timely seaward awareness for the masses and policy makers.
  3. To assist policy formulators, regarding the critical importance of maritime in shaping national and international policy discourses and deal with the emerging traditional and non-traditional challenges in Asia Pacific.
  4. To reassemble existential narrative of Pakistan’s Maritime issues according to the national interest of Pakistan in the wider Indo-pacific maritime region.
  5. To cultivate a discourse against existential threats including foreign interference, insurgency, identity crisis and deprivation in the coastal areas, through vulnerability assessment and management towards its significance, implications and way forward.
  6. To use digital diplomacy, advocacy and lobbying which is identified as “use of the Internet and new information communication technologies to help achieve diplomatic objectives” as a tool to:
  •  Create a national maritime awareness.
  •  Projection of own initiatives in maritime research and analysis.
  •  Bring forth young researchers in main stream and provide them a platform to play         a productive role in maritime discipline.
  •  Advocate Pakistan’s Maritime Strategy.
  •  Counter anti-Pakistan narratives in maritime domain.
  •  Project national initiatives in maritime development and contributions in regional arena.
  1. To develop an institutional approach through an established mechanism of training’s, certifications and programs from the platform in collaboration with other relevant stake holders.
  2. This entails awareness through information sharing and developing a common understanding and narrative among policy makers, academics and senior bureaucrats.
  3. To ensure branding of Pakistan’s coastal areas and the encouragement of development and engagement programs for the youth living in coastal belt/ areas (from Jati to Jiwani – J2J).
  4. To strengthen Pakistan’s Blue Economy by initiating a concept of “Blue Boom” generating viable proposals for renewable coastal energies, maritime transport, waste management, sea tourism and variant business opportunities and to safeguard socio-economic interest of deprived coastal community through establishment of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) process.