Navy celebrates Hangor Day

Pakistan Navy celebrates 'Hangor Day'

Pakistan Navy (PN) celebrated December 9 as ‘Hangor Day’ which is reminiscent of unmatched courage and unwavering commitment of the Pakistan Navy’s Submarine ‘Hangor’ during the 1971 war. In order to commemorate the 47th Hangor day, an elegant ceremony was organised by the 5th Submarine Squadron. PakistanToday

In recognition of the courage,the valiant crew of HANGOR was decorated with 04 x Sitara-e-Jurrats, 06 x Tamgha-e-Jurrats and 14 x lmtiazi Asnad. This is the highest number of operational gallantry awards given to a single unit of Pakistan Navy. The event is distinguished in naval history being the first successful strike by a submarine after WW-II. TheNews

Vice Admiral (r) Abaid Ullah Khan graced the occasion as a chief guest. While addressing the gathering he said, “submarine Hangor remained a pride for Pakistan Navy in 1971 war whose gallant action was not only a spectacular tactical battle resulting in sinking of the Indian Navy’s frigate but it was a strategic overture of the Pakistan Navy which effectively thwarted and marginalized the Indian aggression imposed on Pakistan during the war. He also highlighted that the moment ‘Khukri’ went down, it crippled the Indian Navy’s morale and its nefarious designs of subsequent attacks at Karachi. The sinking inflicted the largest number of causalities of the Indian Navy during 1971 war – a loss of 18 Indian officers and 176 sailors.Daily Times

Having achieved her spectacular success,‘Hangor’ started evasive maneuvers as the enemy was certainly going to react with the entire available Anti- Submarine Warfare (ASW) resources. For the next three days, the Indian warships combed the vicinity of the scene of action and the ‘Hangor’ was subjected to extensive depth charge attacks. Someone in the crew kept the count and according to him it came to be 156 attacks during this period. An extensive air search combined with surface ships was conducted but with intelligent evasive action, the submarine managed to evade these attacks and arrived in Karachi safely after the cease fire. DailyTimes

Vice Admiral (r) Abaid Ullah also paid rich tribute to heroic action of PNS/M GHAZI which was deployed off Vishakhapatnam due to which Indian Navy moved its Navy Ship ‘Vikrant’ further eastward to Andaman Island which made the ship in effective throughout the war. RadioPakistan

The Hangor event marks the professional zeal of the Pak Navy and the courage of our Navy officers and sailors – and reminds the nation that our armed forces and specially our Navy is ready and sufficient in safeguarding our maritime borders.


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