Maritime Doctrine Unveiled at MARSEW-18

President Dr Arif Alvi has said that Pakistan Navy is fully cable of defending maritime frontiers and national maritime interests of the motherland.

On Dec 20, President Dr Arif Alvi addressed the concluding ceremony of the Second Maritime Security Workshop (MARSEW-18) at the Pakistan Navy War College Lahore. He said, “for Pakistan’s economic prosperity, focus on the maritime sector and its development is not a matter of choice rather a matter of compulsion.” He emphasized the significance of ‘Blue Economy’ and appreciated institutionalisation of the MARSEW as a well-timed initiative by the Pakistan Navy (PN). The News

The 1st Maritime Doctrine of Pakistan (MDP) was also launched. President said, “the document is an effort to lay foundations for a greater understanding and awareness on matters related to the oceans and undertaking of multiple peace and war time roles by the PN. Certainly, the MDP will act as a stimulus in sensitizing the public at large, shape opinions and become instrumental in providing a sense of direction to the national maritime sector of Pakistan.” Daily Times

He said, that the importance of maritime security has increased after China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)project under the One Belt One Road programme, which requires security of Gwadar for future trade. He said, that the PN will play a vital role in the success of CPEC. Pakistan-China Institute

He highlighted, that the Indian Ocean was a sensitive area in the region and its security was important for trade, economy and overall development in the country. He said, the Pakistan Navy has the potential to tackle any security threat in the country’s waters. The Express Tribune

The President said, “Fisheries sector had an important role in the modern Blue Economy. Modernization of fishing was needed and well equipped boats fitted with the Global Positioning System (GPS) be used so that they could be tracked in any emergency.” Urdu Point

President Arif Alvi emphasized the importance of Blue Economy. Pakistan is an important maritime state in the Indian Ocean with approximately 1,050 km long coastline and the Exclusive Economic Zone covering about 240,000 sq. km. The coastline offers Pakistan an economic opportunity, provided that it develops its maritime sector through a concerted policy framework. Maritime Doctrine of Pakistan is a significant development in this context. The President also lauded, that Pakistan Navy (PN) is fully capable of defending maritime frontiers and national maritime interests of motherland.


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