Indian Media Explodes With Baseless Sea-Borne Terror Story

Indian Media Explodes With Baseless Sea-Borne Terror Story(

On Jan 2, Minister of State (MoS) Home Affairs Hansraj Ahir said, Pakistan-based terror groups continue to train their cadre for underwater strikes and exhort them for ‘Samundari Jihad’ (seaborne jihad) against India. The Economic Times

The Ministry was responding to a question whether Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) has planned a 26/11 kind of terror strike in the port, cargo and oil tankers on high seas. The Tribune

He replied, “As per available information, there is no specific input about any terrorist group planning a 26/11 type Mumbai terror attack on ports, cargo ships and oil tankers in the high seas. However, available inputs indicate that Pakistan-based terrorist groups continue to train their cadres for underwater strike capabilities in a bid to infiltrate them into India by sea/water ways.” The Hindu

Hansraj Ahir also said, “As per available inputs, the Pakistan-based terrorist organization had exhorted its cadres for ‘Samundari Jihad’ against India”. Business Standard

The Minister said, “The government was better equipped to face any such eventualities”. ANI News

In the past few months there have been several intelligence reports suggesting that Pakistan is gearing up its terrorists to carry out maritime strikes in India… Post the 26/11 attack, maritime security has been increased. There are over 400 warships which are on guard. In addition to this several more coastal police stations were setup and the fishermen were roped in to prove human intelligence. One India

Indian allegation, that Pakistan is training militants in a bid to infiltrate India by sea is completely baseless and without any proof. This news is making rounds in the Indian media. Instead, Indian media should play a constructive role by not covering such baseless news. The Government of Pakistan and the Pakistani media has completely ignored this news by not responding to it. Pakistan has always desired for peace and emphasized on dialogue. Indian government must stop this blame game and realize that dialogue is only way forward.


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