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The author is member Board of Directors and Managing Editor at Maritime Study Forum. She tweets @AneelaShahzad

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Finland moves to boost its naval power in the Baltic Sea hotspot

HELSINKI — The increasingly strategic value of the Baltic Sea as a potential theater of military conflict between Russia and NATO is triggering fresh...

Pakistan Navy Tests Land-Launched Anti-Ship Missile

Pakistan Navy test fired land based anti-ship missile as part of a training exercise from the coastal region on March 10, according to the...

US aircraft carrier enters Arctic Circle for the first time in nearly three decades

A US aircraft carrier strike group has entered the Arctic to join a massive NATO naval drill close to Russian border for the first...
India-Indonesia Strategic Partnership: Options for Pakistan

India-Indonesia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership

Udai Bhanu Singh | India and Indonesia recently upgraded bilateral ties to a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership, a move that comes on the eve of 70...
India, Seychelles agree to work on naval base project

India, Seychelles agree to work on naval base project

India extended a $100 million line of credit to Seychelles on Monday as the two countries agreed to work on the stalled Assumption Island...